Dialysis by Experienced And Dedicated Team

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Patna (Bihar)
About City Dialysis Centre
City Dialysis Centre is joint venture of City healthcare and Divine hospital. We are having a complete kidney care clinics under supervision of senior consultant nephrologist. City Dialysis Center is a one stop centre for all kidney patient's needs, with a strong commitment to quality treatment. We do haemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Vascular access, kidney stone treatment, everything related to kidney and urological problems.

One of the main aim of City Dialysis Centre is to enable dialysis patients lead lives as close to normal as possible. We strive to ensure improvement of quality of life of End stage renal Disease patient. We encourage and motivate them to lead a normal life like everyone does ­ work, travel and have personal life with all fun and joy.

If you are looking for a kidney care clinic that is quality oriented, hygienic, uses state-of-the-art equipment, innovative processes and also feels like home, We welcome you to City Dialysis Centre
Our Vision :-
To enable all dialysis patients to lead normal healthy life.
Our Mission :-
We aim to provide highest quality dialysis facility in a hygienic setting that prevents cross-infection, offers utmost convenience to the patient and keep patient safety and quality as a key priority.
Values :-
1. Ensure the highest quality of dialysis
2. Strive to make treatment affordable.
3. Patient care always come first.