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Patna (Bihar)
Diploma in Dialysis Technology
There are over 5 lakh patients in India who require some form of renal replacement therapy every year. Only a fraction of these reach a primary care centre, While the dialysis industry in India has seen rapid growth, the demand of Dialysis technician is huge in Government and corporate hospital. We are providing placement for Dialysis professionals in different government and corporate hospitals across the country and abroad with good remuneration and package.

Dialysis sector is unorganized and concentrated mainly in the major cities. Even in the major cities, the quality is not monitored and patients land up getting poor quality, inadequate dialysis resulting in poor health and thus an extremely poor quality of life with a high mortality

It is a fact that most of the dialysis technicians in our country are not qualified. They have learnt the art of dialysis from their own colleagues; wrong techniques are learnt and practiced. This is an issue of great concern as poor techniques can lead to inadequate dialysis, transmission of infections and other problems. As the technicians lack formal training, the doctor-patient or technician-patient relationship is lacking.

City Dialysis centre with collaboration of Royal Institute of Public Health is imparting quality education and training programme in several paramedical stream since long, our Students are based in different part of the country in different Government Hospital, private Nursing Home and corporate hospital.

At our centre we are providing two year course Diploma in Dialysis Technology to both fresher candidate as well as those who are already doing Dialysis technician job in some hospital and not having certificate from any institution. As a student of our institution, the opportunities are tremendous to learn, grow and become experts in kidney care. Job guaranteed in government & corporate hospital for eligible candidates, Training & certification from recognised institution. Curriculum as per industry standards, Latest international techniques & best practices Combination of theory & practical based learning

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